Your caregivers and allies are the resources upon which you rely to age well at home. These are people who provide in-home services like housekeeping, comfort care, in-home health care, rehabilitation specialists, visiting nurse, pet walkers, and all the professionals who’s offices you visit.  It includes programs like respite care, or places like senior centers, libraries and cultural institutions, like museums, and the manufactures and distributors of supplies and products finding such resources usually starts with word of mouth or an internet search, followed by a long journey of trial and error. Once you located a prospect, it then takes  learning about the resource, calling, visiting, scheduling, and so forth.

Our Goal is that you find the tried and true community professionals, services and products that best meet your needs in an efficient and effective manner.  To meet this goal, Befitting must attend to the back end of the business and systems that bring you the people, programs, and products that you are looking to find as you age well at home.

Peer Support 

 Improve In-Home Assistance

Build Local Marketplaces

Yesterday’s technology allows one to easily search for say ‘comfort care near me,’ but the results – a list of over 1 million links in .56 seconds – is likely to frustrate more than help. 

Befitting supports local neighborhood and community networks of consumers like you to opine, discuss options, and get support and feed back from your peers. The exchange of this information is critical to the betterment and growth of the communities.

A common problem for clients and family caregivers is finding help that matches their needs for time, hours per week and pay. Then, the process starts all over again when there is a life event for the helper or for the aging adult.

Befitting is positioned to seed and support employee-owned cooperatives of caregivers and other in-home helpers and professionals.

Employee-Owners deliver the services directly to you and, because they are the boss, they are totally accountable for their success in providing you what you want and need.

For consumers there is more flexible and reliable scheduling and better coordination between say the caregiver in the morning and the person on shift afterward.

Befitting clients and local resource providers are invited to review and comment based on their 1st hand experiences while seeking, finding, and securing in-home and community-based support.

These reviews are kept private and confidential.  After a significant number of reviews are received for any given resource, Befitting will discuss the results with the contact and seek ways to support, improve, enhance or expand their offerings.