Befitting provides a member-only, website for coordinating and managing, effectively and efficiently, all the
people, places and things in your life. Be in total control with reduced stress by using technology to deliver timely
communication and information between you and your loved ones and the various carers and other allied
professionals. The website uses bank level encryption & data protection.

What You Can Do

What Providers Can Do
(with your permission)

What You Can to Expect

Co-manage Website with Love Ones
Message Friends, Family & Providers
Create and Maintain Calendar
Store Articles, Media & Documents
Multi-Lingual Voice Memo  & Listen
Read & Write in Multiple Languages
Share at Your Discretion
Bookmark Your Favorite Websites
Link Seamlessly to Your Accounts
Organize Invoices & Payments
Share Observations More Broadly
Video-Audio Patient Communication
Online Multi-Provider Conferencing
Notification of Schedule Changes
Propose Appointments
Send Appointment Reminders
Prescription Orders & Stops
Send Medication Refill Alerts
Send Medication Taking Reminders
Manage Household Goods & Supplies
Better Health & Less Stress
Less Caregiver Turnover
Timely Info Sharing
Knowing Who & When is at Home
Coordinated Appointments
Advance Transportation Scheduling
Daily Log of Caregiver Notes
Current Medication List
All Health Records in One Place
All Insurance Records in One Place