Fundamental to aging well at home is having a home that you can manage and which supports your capacity
for the greatest level on independence. Befitting offers many services to bridge the gaps between you and your
home. The first step is to get to know your wants and needs in relation to you home.

A menu of assessments are available which provide a focus for understanding the status quo of your living
environment. All assessments include a report of findings and recommendations for next steps. Based on your
decision about next steps, if any, we offer further discovery, such as specific equipment performance
inspection, and can also serve as your project manager to locate and supervise contractors of your choice.

Lastly, if home improvements are desired, we can handle or help you handle everything from housekeeping, maintenance, and repair to remodels, new construction or helping (re)develop real property.


Further Discovery & Facilitation

Undertaking Improvements

Home Hazards: Fall Prevention
Home Hazards: Indoor Air Quality
Home Condition & Maintenance
Home & Occupant Usability
Energy Bill Analysis
Home Energy ScoreTM Assessment
Home Energy Rating Score
Draft and Air Leakage Testing
Duct Leakage Testing
Energy Usage Auditing
Application for Financial Incentives Project Management Services
Inspection Services
Industrial Design Services
Maintenance Services
Handy Person Services
Installation & Renovation
Remodel, Addition & Upgrade
Development Services