Aging well at home requires a living situation in which you can manage your physical environment, take care of the daily necessities of life, and have quality interactions with friends and loved ones. Befitting was conceived to meet this holistic point of view.

Our Approach

Our service approach is derived from the lessons found in the field of Environmental Psychology, a scientific area of research that focuses on the interaction between people and their environment. Our “people” focus is on adults curious about what issues may lay ahead for themselves and their friends and family, elderly needing assistance with activities of daily life, the frail, and all the professionals and supportive care providers who assist them. Our “environment” focus is on the built-environment, that is the structures in which people live, along with the co-location of other structures they interact with, the interiors of these buildings, including how spaces relate to each other, the equipment, appliances, automation, all the design elements, like color, furnishings, and lighting.

By viewing our customers concerns and their environment as a system, we can better identify, resolve and support your desire to age well at home.

Our Values

Befitting, PBC, is a Delaware public benefit corporation (PBC).  While a traditional corporation must maximize financial gain for its shareholders,  Delaware PBCs are legally required to have a materially positive impact on society, workers, the community or the environment. Moreover, shareholders of a PBC can pursue action against the directors for violation of or failure to pursue the stated general and specific public benefits. To ensure transparency, Befitting, PBC has elected to report publicly its assessment of the impacts achieved. Befitting, PBC will

  • assist individuals, regardless of age or disability, to thrive in their homes and in their neighborhoods of choice and
  • operate and implement programs in a manner that make a materially positive impact on workers, the community and the environment.

Befitting, PBC is also exploring becoming a Certified B CORPORATIONTM. This 3rd party certification is awarded to for-profit companies by B Lab, a global nonprofit organization, who independently verifies that companies are meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.